Thursday, April 21, 2016

No Git-Gui, I don't ever want you to compact my database. Kthxbye.

So... for years now I've been hacking git-gui to turn off the GC check since it really annoyed me and until today didn't know how to turn it off "properly".

Today, I learned you are just supposed to set a config option to turn it off (go figure - I don't know if this is new or if I just never looked hard enough).

Anyway, here's the info in case you want it.

Just set the option gui.gcwarning to false.

Do it like this:
git config --global gui.gcwarning false
If you're interested how I was doing it before (you really shouldn't be but in case you're curious) - under your git install folder there's a file somewhere (probably called git-gui.tcl) that makes a call to a function called hint_gc that is the function that shows the annoying message.  I just commented out that line in previous builds.  Now, I see that it checks a config variable, but I guess I either didn't notice or it didn't used to check.